The False Equivalencey of Fear

On this national holiday celebrating the life and accomplishments of Martin Luther King Jr. and inspired by a Hudson Valley Black Lives Matter Instagram post, we reflect on the false equivalency between the death of white identity vs the murders of black bodies.

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Another false equivalency is the motivation.  FEAR.

We’ve all heard the placating explanation for white supremacists, proud boys, and the recent attempted coup of our government. “Well ‘they’ are scared too.” Scared of the economy and money problems. Scared of losing jobs. Scared of being controlled and abused by those in power (oh, the irony). Scared of losing privilege not even consciously acknowledged. Scared that the fabric of reality, woven into a safety blanket around their sense of self will unravel.

We are all the ‘they’ in this case. Most of us can relate to those fears. We can have compassion for that fear. We will not allow our compassion to lead us to accept the fear based reactionary behavior that spurred the attack on the White House and our Democracy.

At Rising Fire Shamanism we seek to see the truth of our reality, not the reality that gives us the most comfort. Doing the work of dismantling our ego- identity is not always comfortable. Often times, this discomfort points to where there is work to be done.

There is an experiential equivalency between the fear of losing identity of self and death. Countless spiritual paths have a referencing to ego-death. Many of us have experienced the “if I am not this, I am nothing.” We feel the need to protect our sense of self at all costs. This includes fabricating a narrative, embracing confirmation biases, projection of all evils and ills onto others, and a regressed reactionary ‘tantrum’ when things question our narrative. Sound familiar?

Identity is not built on personal passions, it is built on creating walls, prisons, barbed wire fences, and gas chambers to contain and destroy that which we perceive threatens our identity.

There is absolutely NO equivalency between a group of people who are scared and angry about the death of a cultural identity (that is built on pain, suffering, and murder) and the Black Live Matter movement for social & economic justice for the pain, suffering, and murder of generations of black bodies.

There is no comparison, just false equivalency.

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