The shaman hears the soul’s longing for wholeness and is devoted to accessing this wisdom and power for the well-being of their community. The Rising Fire Shamanic Healing program will teach and support you to cultivate the advanced skills you need for a successful and meaningful healing practice.  The two year intensive training will guide, nurture and inspire you!


Shamanic Healership

Learn in-depth and dynamic shamanic skills during four week-long workshop intensives; and one Friday a month from August 2019 – August 2021.

  • Work with Living Energy – moving, clearing, healing
  • Learn to provide safety for all client issues
  • Deepen understanding of psychological processes
  • Learn to recognize and heal habitual or ancestral patterns; physical disease or emotional stress
  • Learn the difference between healing and curing


Class materials provide resources and diverse perspectives

  • Advanced readings form a library of teachings that build a strong foundation for well-rounded practitioners
  • Original course materials, handouts, and concept documents are yours to keep
  • Access to private Facebook Forum for discussion, questions and comments on workshop topics


Deepen your understanding and skills with group practices

  • Monthly classes provide ample time for questions and practicing new skills with experienced facilitators. This dynamic sets up a sacred space for learning and engaging the group dynamic for learning


Supervised clinical format develops confidence

  • Applying shamanic practices in a supervised clinical setting allows students to perfect their healing work. Group sharing and teamwork provides a setting for students to practice and receive feedback in a safe, supportive environment
  • Rising Fire offers the opportunity to participate in our Community Healing Day as a practitioner post-graduation
  • Begin or expand your private practice with the confidence gained by having worked with many issues and illnesses throughout your training.

Private Mentoring

A personal mentor will guide you each step of the way as you work through the program

  • Private healing sessions with the instructor will address wounds and blockages that obscure your own freedom in the world (included in tuition).
  • Private mentoring to work your edge as you accelerate your own transformation in preparation to facilitate healing with others (not included in tuition).

Certification in Shamanic Healing

Formal Certificates issued as students demonstrate mastery of core and advanced healing skills

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Week-long Workshop Dates:

  • August 19 – 23, 2019
  • February 17 – 21, 2020
  • August 17 – 21, 2020
  • February 2021 TBD


  • Currently in Medicine Wheel and remain in until completion of this program and/ or have completed one full cycle (six sessions).

We are accepting applications now!
There are only 10 slots available for the program.


Program cost is $7500.00. Deposit $2500.00. Inquire for payment options.


Classes held at Rising Fire Healing Center

 This program is facilitated by Rosemary Beam.