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In response to COVID-19's continued spread and the gravity of the uptick in the Delta variant ALL our sessions, classes, and workshops will be via Zoom for the foreseeable future.

Rebecca Sherrick

Shamanic Practitioner & Teacher, Executive Director

Feeling Unworthy, Stuck, Broken? Rebecca sees you; She’s been there. But she didn’t stay there, and she knows that you don’t have to, either.

Rebecca’s own journey taught her that healing our original wounds and unwinding the ties that bind us gives us the freedom to live authentically and shine the way we were meant to.  Her greatest joy comes from empowering people to separate their self-worth from their life circumstances so that they can fully live in each moment.

Rebecca supports clients to learn to be able to be with what rises in any given moment and then allow it to fall and fade away naturally, without getting caught in old patterns and traumas.  She is a skilled practitioner who creates a field in which clients feel that they are safe and worthy, that they are loved and are love without conditions, (In Quechua this is called “Munay”).

Initiated into the lineage of Q’ero Medicine Men and Woman of Peru’s High Mountains, Licensed Consulting Hypnotist and Reiki Master, Rebecca draws on all her skills and training, working with sacred allies to access the power and wisdom necessary to achieve abiding healing.  Rebecca employs ancient healing methods and modern psychological teachings to support clients on their journey blossoming into their True Nature.

Regardless of your circumstances, Rebecca harnesses her medicine tools to heal wounds, remove obstacles, and release the restrictions that limit you from being your fullest, most radiant, most powerful expression in this lifetime. Rebecca sees the light and gifts within you. She will work alongside you to set them free so that you, too, can experience them shine brightly!

Contact Rebecca Sherrick at [email protected] or by phone at 503-288-5175.
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