Private Healing Sessions

Rising Fire offers private sessions for individuals, couples, children, and families. 

Rising Fire Classes & Workshops teach the shaman’s tools of accessing “non-ordinary reality”. These skills are universal, allowing you to come into direct experience of your own shadow & brilliance. We offer an orientation of emotional intelligence through depth psychology & mindfulness techniques that empower you to consciously and consistently live by your own authentic wisdom. 

Private Sessions have helped those struggling with: ​

  • Depression*​
  • Anxiety*​
  • PTSD*​
  • Traumatic Event or Childhood​
  • Romantic & Family Relationships​
  • Work/ Employment​
  • Self Sabotaging Behavior​
  • Chronic Fatigue*​
  • Reoccurring Physical Ailments*​
  • Death & Dying​
  • Life Choices & Transitions​
  • Feeling Lost or Stuck​

Rising Fire private sessions will help you identify and remove unhealthy dynamics, ancestral themes and limiting patterns. By healing the imprint of the original wounding, practitioners empower clients to clear the fear, blocks, trauma, and pain of the past. We facilitate and support your healing journey with a toolkit of effective, non-dual approaches, that allow you to step out of old habitual patterns and into a new framework for life. ​

“Rebecca, I always enjoy getting together with you. You light up my day like sunshine and I appreciate your deep insights and your gentle nudges for me to feel into things.”

Sarah G.

Relationships: Transforming Couples ​

Couples sessions provide an elegant framework for addressing relationship dynamics. Sessions allow participants to gracefully explore and clear the limiting beliefs, unconscious fears and ancestral themes that create conflict and sabotage intimacy for couples and families. Rising Fire practitioners create a blame-free, open-hearted environment for powerful discoveries. ​

For couples transitioning out of their relationship, sessions provide a vessel for the emotions that arise during this potentially difficult time. Working compassionately together in this way provides tremendous relief and perspective for mediation, divorce and financial discussions. Participants take the opportunity to heal anger, fear and blame during this important transition so that they can move forward with grace.​

​We may determine that partners need to work with the practitioner separately or begin together effectively: ​

  • Bring couples to a place where they can reconnect ​
  • Understand where intersections of conflict arise ​
  • Create safety for intimacy and growth ​
  • Build the skills you need to return to each other again and again with open hearts and minds. ​

Family & Children ​

Practitioners can work very little ones who are born with immediate health and behavioral issues. While we work to shift the health or behavioral pattern, we can assist parents in working with the challenges more gracefully. ​

Behavioral issues are very often sparked by the dynamic between the parents, or parents and the child. We usually begin with the adult couple. This is a profound way of discovering deeply held patterns that have molded family dynamics for generations. Break the pattern- allow your loved ones to step into a more authentic family relationship. ​

Preparing for Death ​

Rising Fire practitioners assist individuals and families to complete the cycle of life with grace and equanimity. We assist our clients to re-imagine the dying process to prepare for the death of a loved one or yourself. When we demystify death, we can move toward the unknown with courage and curiosity. ​

Rising Fire healers create sacred space, work with family dynamics, and craft ceremony and ritual to respond to many belief systems or needs. You can read more here about how we work with death in ceremony. ​

  • ​Receive information and resources about the dying process ​
  • Reframe your conception of dying ​
  • Work with a healer to support the dying process ​
  • Heal your relationships and make peace with the past ​
  • Gather inspiration to tend loved ones in their dying process ​
  • Embrace life from a different perspective! ​

Mentoring ​

Rising Fire practitioners facilitate mentees to develop mastery of transformational shamanic practices in their own lives. One-on-one mentoring is ideal for students and healing clients who want a teacher as much as a healer. This way of working together deepens your understanding of the insights and energy work of healing sessions. ​

The Rising Fire mentor is able to provide process feedback and training that is not necessarily part of a healing session. Further, mentees work on long-term goals and are supported by readings and other materials that add to their skillset and knowledge base. ​

Utilizing Technology (Zoom) Shamans work in what we call “non-ordinary reality.” When we shift our perceptual state to find the patterns and wounds that our clients need to tend to, we are working in timelessness – past, present, and future simultaneously. We can access the Energy Body from everywhere. This is the power of shamanic healing in the 21st Century! ​

*Rising Fire Practitioners do not diagnose or prescribe medications. If you are seeking diagnosis or medication, consult with a medical professional. ​

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In response to COVID-19's continued spread and the gravity of the uptick in the Delta variant ALL our sessions, classes, and workshops will be via Zoom for the foreseeable future.