In our culture, dying is often experienced with fear. We see death only as an end – as a time of suffering and silence and complete loss. We make the dying process invisible, hoping that if we avoid it long enough, we will escape from what we mistakenly see as our grim reality.

Experience Death as the Transformation of a LifetimePrepare for Death

  • Receive information and resources about the dying process
  • Reframe your conception of dying
  • Work with a healer to support the dying process
  • Heal your relationships and make peace with the past
  • Gather inspiration to tend loved ones in their dying process
  • Embrace life from a different perspective!

Rising Fire practitioners have years of experience working with death as an ally, allowing individuals and families to complete a cycle with grace and equanimity. We assist our clients to re-imagine the dying process: to prepare yourself for the death of a loved one or yourself.

When we demystify death, we can move toward the unknown with courage and curiosity.

Rising Fire healers will create sacred space, work with family dynamics, and craft ceremony and ritual to respond to many belief systems or needs. Sometimes the most helpful service we provide is to sit and listen.

Be an Unshakeable Source of Love & Support in Any Storm! Rising Fire offers full day and weekend training on Dying as a Journey. If you are called to support individuals and families during the dying process, contact us about mentoring and advanced training. Please see our Calendar for Dying as a Journey workshops.