Rising Fire healers offer shamanic healing sessions for individuals, couples, children and families to identify and completely clear unhealthy dynamics, ancestral themes and limiting patterns. We utilize the shaman’s tools of perception, energy medicine, and modern psycho-dynamic process to empower clients to heal the fear, blocks, trauma, and pain of the past.

What you can expect from Shamanic Healing  On our first session we will do an intake interview and then move our attention to the issue you would like to heal. We may elicit a story that sparks the energy of this pattern, and we bring a significant tool kit of shamanic healing practices, processes and allies to your healing. Rising Fire practitioners are trained to perceive the imprint of the original wound that informs the issue and to remove its momentum from your Energy Field. We move into a session in response to the client needs, working with the body, the Luminous Body, thoughts, emotions or ancestral themes.

Opening the door to a fresh start  Together, we will begin to access this wound as we “unwind” your story, releasing the way a past trauma or historical pattern makes you sick or stuck or sad. Often, we will talk together in order to come to an understanding of how the trauma has held you, and we provide time to honor “all that has been.” By doing this, we open the door to a fresh start that allows you to unfold in your brilliance from this present moment forward. We may also introduce concepts and teach practices that will allow you to deepen and continue healing on your own.

Feel lighter and inspired  Shamanic healing can be quite dramatic or very gentle – depending upon the issue and your style. Clients often end a session feeling lighter, clearer and inspired. Transformation takes place at many levels simultaneously: in the practitioner, the client, the community and the Earth. When we experience our True Nature this deeply, we affect our lineages, our parents and grandparents, our children and generations to come. We shift physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically as the shaman holds space for others to “taste infinity.” (See the writings of Alberto Villoldo and Joan Parisi Wilcox.)

Preparation  You may already know the issue you would like to work through. If you don’t, we’ll look at the physical or emotional patterns are you most troubled by.  Don’t work too hard at this! Rising Fire healing is a very authentic, safe and individual process – not a performance or an event. As healers, we don’t diagnose a condition nor do we engage in analysis of a presenting problem. Our training is to facilitate and support your healing journey with a mix of effective, non-dual approaches.

Follow up  We sometimes suggest follow up homework, ceremony, reading, training or a future session. We encourage you to take rejuvenating baths the week of the healing using sea salts, herbs or essences that deepen your healing. Integrating the healing session also boost the outcome: we suggest that you take care of what you eat, ensure plenty of sleep and plan to process the Work. We ask that clients who come to shamanic healing through physician referral continue with medical treatment and/or medications during the course of our work together, unless or until you and your physician together choose to change treatment.

Cost  Shamanic Healing Sessions are offered at $150 per session. We are able to provide a discount with pre-purchased packages, please see the online booking page to see package options from each practitioner. Sessions can be booked by calling our office: 503-288-5175 or emailing info@rising-fire.com. 

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Other Services:

Transitional Support for Death and Dying  Rising Fire practitioners have considerable experience in assisting dying clients and their families. Support can take the form of energy work and ceremony to loosen old energy patterns and family dynamics. Healers develop an individualized plan for each client so we can offer just the right shamanic healing resources.

Healing Places – Home, Office and Land  Spaces hold energy that can be either nurturing or disturbing to relationships at home and work. Dense energy of previous inhabitants or left-over negative “vibes” from past human dynamics, can affect everything that occurs in a place going forward. Rising Fire healers will come to your home or office and clear your space of remnant energies with Shamanic healing techniques. Then we work together with you to create a strong, harmonic resonance for safety and prosperity in your family or business. We also work with property in urban or wilderness settings.

Long Distance Healings  Shamans work in what we call “non-ordinary reality.” When we shift our perceptual state to find the patterns and wounds that our clients need to tend to, we are working in timelessness – past, present and future simultaneously. Since this work is “non-local” we can access the Energy Body from everywhere. Remote healings are available using the modern tools of SKYPE or telephone. This is the power of shamanic healing in the 21st Century!


Rising Fire high-impact shamanic healing will accelerate your personal work. Consistent, transformative benefits of private sessions spark complete healing by working directly on the blueprints of “dis-ease.”