Power Your Health with Integrative Nutrition

Learn to listen to your body with your sacred hearing. Prepare your home and work environments to support your vital wellness and receive expert assistance and facilitation in creating a new container for your health.

This Program Includes:

  • Setting, assessing and understanding your goals.
  • Developing nutrition guidelines and an overall plan to support realistic improvements.
  • Exploring your preferences, resources and challenges in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Bi-monthly one-on-one sessions to deepen and support consistent change

A Customized Integrative Nutrition Program   Together we will complete the Circle of Life self-assessment process to understand how to balance your unique life with good self care. For example, in the area of Lifestyle, we’ll look at your stress, sleep habits, moods and food habits. With a customized integrative nutrition program in all areas,  information and strategies will be provided that ensure your success. Book recommendations and other resources build your skill set for “living alive!”

The Rising Fire Integrative Nutrition Program works with your nutritional “bio-individuality” to address food habits, cooking, kitchen organization, support for eating organic fruits and veggies, healthy fats, juices and smoothies. Utilizing the coaching system of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, you will be supported not only in your nutrition, but also in your ability to develop a steadfast health focus that is both genuine and sustainable.

Shifting Blocks and Resistance   Enhancing a health coaching practice with shamanic insight and healing provides encompassing support for you to overcome life-long food habits, impulses and cravings. We develop what is working in your life now. Then, we can shift the old beliefs, identities and patterns that challenge your progress.

Cost  Program fees are based on two sessions per month. These payment options are for one-on-one customized services:

Three month program:

$900 (20% discount applies to full, advance payment – save $180).

Six month program:

$1,800 (20% discount applies to full, advance payment – save $360).


Photo Credit: bertholf via Compfight cc