Rising Fire offers Private Sessions for individuals, couples, children, families, home and office.  Our Nutrition Counseling is empowered by the shaman’s skills of perception and inspired by the latest science in Integrative Nutrition. Our one-on-one Mentoring provides an opportunity for focused personal development.

Healer – Teacher – Mentor  All of our work in private sessions — as healer, teacher or mentor — blends energy medicine with psycho-dynamic process and awareness training. We integrate these powerful shamanic practices with contemporary forms of transformational counseling, coaching, mentoring and training so that our clients and students LEARN TO THRIVE.

Private Sessions build a strong foundation for your:

  • Daily Life Practices
  • Challenges and Habitual Patterns
  • Health and Food Related Struggles
  • Relationships
  • Purposeful Living
  • Play and Pleasure
  • Satisfying Work

The following pages provide in-depth information about each modality we offer:  Healing Sessions, Nutrition Counseling, and Mentoring.