Self Inquiry is based on self-observation, on attending to our thoughts, feelings, body sensations and behaviors just as they are. We slow down emotionally and observe our thoughts and feelings with a broad, compassionate, curious awareness.  Rising Fire offers formal training on how to achieve “presenced” observation, leading to that simple sweet spot that is our truth – our deepest True Nature – and we bring this nectar back to daily life.
Portland Oregon Self Inquiry

Adventure of Wonderment

Freedom Directed by Curiosity  During Self Inquiry, we have a unique opportunity to speak freely, exploring our feelings without interfering,editing or correcting. We just notice what is there inside of us.  Think of all the times you were told as a child “no, you don’t feel sad or hurt.”  We were taught from early on to negate our true experience in favor of something more palatable. Thousands of times. Yet, while we developed an orientation of mistrust for our deepest sensations, our original experiences are still there, waiting to be discovered.  In order to do this, we need to re-frame and retrain to allow these delicate feelings to emerge. And, along with this emergence comes a natural experience of well-being and deep grounding.

Self Inquiry as a Navigational System to Vital Wellness  We can make peace with our most primal feelings and re-enliven our True Nature with a simple shift in focus to curiosity and compassion. We learn to love what Jon Kabat-Zinn calls the “full catastrophe” of the human condition.  We no longer spend our life’s energy rejecting all that we are. When we make space for our true selves, we can show up again and again! This is the source of lasting, vital wellness.

Enjoy the winding paths of self-discovery. Follow the threads of feelings, discomforts, memories and deeply held beliefs to deeper truth.  Show up in the course of daily life, authentically and naturally.  This is what we call Radical Aliveness.

At Rising Fire, we provide one day workshops and monthly practice sessions so that you can learn or clarify the skills and orientation that will repeatedly return you home inside yourself, to your alive and conscious state. The theory and processes are based on A.H. Almaas’ Spacecruiser Inquiry and Eugene Gendlen’s Focusing, powerfully integrated with Shamanic awareness practices.

Come join us.  Self Inquiry is taught in every Medicine Wheel course and practiced in group. Individual Inquiry training can also be arranged in private sessions.