Rising Fire Sacred Drama combines the teachings of shamanic awareness with the playful practice of psychodrama. Each participant writes their own “once upon a time” story. Breaking into small groups, we bring your story to life using simple props and costumes. This story path invites you to explore old themes – to dialogue with and challenge your “hungry ghosts.”


Rising Fire Sacred DramaDiscovering Barriers to Authentic Relationship  We often base our perception and behavior on our childhood experiences … and much of the time the connection to our history is unconscious and tricky!   In our lives, we plow through relationships reenacting past hurts and dilemmas. Behaviorally, we go back to a place that felt safe to hide so many years ago. Psychodrama has the power to expose the emotional strategies that we thought worked when we were little. As the Sacred Drama story progresses, we are able to discover how these once-useful strategies have become barriers to the authentic relationships we seek as adults.

Reclaiming Freedom through Sacred Drama In working a Sacred Drama, each person has the opportunity to consciously visit and interact with the elements of their story and to expose the untruths and limitations of deeply held beliefs in our lives today. When an old paradigm is exposed to the light of day, we can see clearly how “unresourceful” it has become, and it simply releases. This is so beautifully magical! We release a core belief that held us hostage, and a new, more free and expanded vision emerges.


Sacred Drama provides a safe space where we embrace the present moment in a fresh and inspired way.  We call this Radical Aliveness – as this brilliant practice deep insights that bring us to life, again and again!

Rising Fire students work with Sacred Drama in Session Five of the Medicine Wheel. We try to offer a single day Sacred Drama class at least once each year for the general public.