All Rising Fire students develop a healer’s pouch which the Andean shamans call a “misa” or mesa. Our healer’s mesa is composed of thirteen stones that are gifted by places on the land that hold power and wisdom for us. Through the process of our personal healing and rites of passage, our mesas become a conduit to the forces of Nature and spirits of the land. These forces are expressions of the soul of our Earth, and our own essential selves or True Nature. In this way, our medicine work is ultimately the deepest work of the Soul.

As we heal our personal selves, we begin to explore and work in the larger collective. Our mesa magnifies our ability to invoke big changes in the world. Medicine bundles mature and maintain the clear-sighted and unfettered connection we need to create great healing and to come into a resilient and harmonious relationship with life.

Medicine Bundle Mesas Develop in Many Forms  Shamans use their healing bundles in many ways: they can be tools for healing, a mirror to reflect back to us an internal or unconscious state, or a surrogate with which we can shift and clear energy for situations and relationships. The content of healers’ bundles vary based upon traditions, ranging from feathers, totem animal remains, sacred drums and rattles, crystals, skulls and more.

Peruvian shamans develop many different types of mesas for various purposes, and our mesas change over the course of our lifetimes and our medicine work. The stones in our mesas are called our cuyas, or our beloveds, in indigenous Quechua!

Rising Fire students develop their medicine bundles during the course of the Medicine Wheel process. We create bundles that are working mesas, star mesas, high mountain mesas, True Nature mesas, shadow mesas, collective mesas and more!