energy extractionsCLEARING THE FIELD

Masters of Living Energy  Extracting illness or disharmony is another universal shamanic practice. Shamans are trained to perceive how past traumas and conflicts have become embedded in a person’s Luminous Body or Energy Field. When there isn’t much life force within the wound pattern, we would perceive it as dense and objectified (a spear, a dart, a flat tire, an icicle, e.g.). Alternately, when there is still momentum in this energy pattern, it feels more alive (an ancestor, a spirit energy). Either way, it is easily removed through shamanic energy extraction practice.

The Shaman’s Tools  To augment our focus and intention, shamans use tools to remove intrusions.  The shamanic tool kit includes feathers, stones, crystals, breath and sound (both human and instrumental). Other more complex and sometimes quite dramatic methods are also practiced: the jungle shamans of South America specialize in sucking in the disharmony with their mouths from their client’s Field and releasing it from their own bodies to the earth.  In the highlands of Peru, shamans do a process called Hucha Mihkwi, in which the practitioner draws dense energy into their own Luminous bellies in order to metabolize it for the client. This mulched energy is then returned to the Pachamama with grace and love.

Processing an Energy Extraction  Sometimes we need to talk about or honor our experience of the extraction — our attachment to the intrusion, our sadness in feeling it go. This emotional processing leads us to a tremendous release of deeply held beliefs and habitual behaviors and helps us integrate more resourceful attitudes.  Other times we can have such an affinity for the intrusive pattern that we recall it and need another extraction. However, most people report a feeling of lightness, well-being and peacefulness after extractions.

All Rising Fire students learn how to extract both dense and fluid energy from their own Luminous Body and from others, as well as aftercare processing. These skills are taught in our Medicine Wheel series as well as in single day classes. Dense extractions are also an integral aspect of Rising Fire healing sessions.