Rising Fire Destiny RetrievalRECLAIMING OUR BRILLIANCE

Destiny can mean a better, higher future and is often imagined as something outside of us that we move toward.  At Rising Fire, we believe that destiny is sitting right in this present moment. It is the music that is buried in our soul, and our spiritual journey is about hearing our own true voice.

Uncovering the Riches That Are Already Present

A Destiny Retrieval will uncover the riches that are already present within us. While this sounds simple, medicine people are well aware that sometimes our greatest conflict is to see our great brilliance and to let ourselves flow into a life lived with significance. Thus, Retrievals are often done after the shaman has trained for many moons to be free of limiting beliefs and the soul loss that blocks us from embracing our gold. We are all born to meaning and significance; Retrieval is how we begin to recover our original purpose.

The Sweetness that is the Song of Our Soul  Shamans can effect Destiny Retrieval for themselves and others through the journey. In our tradition, we learn to navigate in the Upper World – the superconscious – which is the realm where we can access experience that is greater than our limited ego sense of everyday life. When we journey to the Upper World, we enter the collective superconscious and our destiny. Here is where we re-member our original sacred contracts – the sweetness that is the unique song of our very soul.

All Rising Fire Medicine Wheel students learn how to do Destiny Retrieval in advanced classes. This journey can be done during Healing Sessions, and in single-day ceremonies that we conduct annually.