Shamanic Practices are derived from two basic principles:Shamanic Practices

  • living energy animates our world (energy organizes matter)
  • we can tune our perception to work directly with living energy

Non-Ordinary Reality  While we have varied tool kits, worldwide much of the shaman’s practice takes place in ceremony.  We say that the language of the soul comes to us through poetry, images, music, “once upon a time stories,” and dreams. We want to hear the soul’s calling and allow our lives to be informed from this deeper language. This is a place of the non-ordinary – of the sacred.

We modern folks often want to fix problems at the level of our strategic, literal thinking. Yet, when we work at the literal level, everything is already set, positioned, dense and difficult to shift. Processes of ritual and ceremony provide a way for us to listen to the soul and work elegantly at the level of the sacred… with drum and bone … with air and fire, water and earth. This is where change and deep healing occur.

Alberto Villoldo calls our attention to the difference between knowing that the formula for water is H2O and knowing how to rain dance!

The Human Condition  Human beings develop an outlook on life from our childhood experiences as well as the values and themes of our families and communities. These road maps of perception pre-dispose us to see reality in a certain way. For example, if we were often unsafe as children, we might believe that the world is dangerous. Everything and everyone we encounter may feel like a threat. We “rightfully” build an armory of defenses to feel safe. Ironically, it is often these habitual protections that make us “sick and tired” and fail to keep us truly safe.
Calling Forth Resources  Shamanic practices work to clear these unconscious pre-disposed beliefs and occlusions. We also restore and reclaim lost aspects of our clients souls.  We train our awareness to access information about the world from a non-habitual, fresh perspective. When we experience life directly, we can open ourselves to move in new ways most freely — and to help others in turn. We work in this non-ordinary way to call forth the resources that allow us to move toward life with curiosity rather than fear.
The Shaman’s Tool Kit  In the following pages you will find shamanic practices for healing and guidance. They provide multiple ways for perceiving reality directly — unhindered by wounds or habitual patterns. They are tools for shifting, releasing and recovering what has been lost. Shamanic practices are taught in Rising Fire Shamanism Classes, Gatherings and Intensives. They are the basis of our Shamanic Healing Sessions, and they empower our Nutrition Counseling.