Working with the Unconscious

We each come to our personal work with themes and beliefs that are largely unconscious. Shamanic healing and working through our health challenges uncovers many of these blocks. But when we understand these themes deeply through the psychodynamic process, we fully heal. Without insight into the past, we may heal one traumatic episode, only to repeat the pattern again and again.The Psychodynamic Process

Integrating the Psychodynamic Process and Shamanic Practice

Shamanic technologies and systems – passed down for hundreds of years, through oral tradition – were developed to serve the people of very different times. These were simple societies of gardeners, weavers and pastoralists. Today, the technological systems of post-industrial global capitalism bombard us with information, stimuli, conflict and desire, every waking moment. We need to augment the ancient teachings to serve our time.

We have spent a decade developing a system of teachings that relies on the shamanic worldview, enhanced with the insights of human developmental theory and psycho-spiritual practices. Specifically, we draw on the work of  non-duality theorists (Florian Schlosser) as well as the wisdom of the Mystery Teachings (Jean Houston), of Pathwork (Eva Pierrakos), the Diamond Approach (A.H. Almaas), body-based sensing (Eugene Gendlen) and Tibetan Buddhism (Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche).

Weaving Theory and Practice Creates Consistent Results  Integrating the theory of modern thinkers with ancient practices, we are able to ground deep psychological healing with shamanic guidance. We continue the sacred dialogue our ancestors maintained with the spirits of the Earth, through tribe and ceremony. We deepen this dialogue within ourselves with “higher consciousness” and insight.

Judgment Softens: Wonderment Arises  the psychodynamic process helps us understand our conditioning. We see the blocks we have created against our true and essential selves in order to toughen up and survive. We discover our wounded themes, deeply-held beliefs, identifications, losses and developmental deficiencies and how they relate to our past. We begin to see this as a natural human process, not as personal failure. Self-judgment becomes softer. Wonderment arises more spontaneously. We develop the strength and kindness we need to hold the truth about ourselves — our fear, loss, repression, anger, separation, and hurt. We can even begin to acknowledge our magnificence and brilliance!

Loving What’s Real  With the support of these awareness practices, we understand ourselves more deeply. Our habitual resistance to the truth shifts to an innocence and joy for being real. We learn to allow what is true, and we become curious about what shows up. Using our expansive toolbox of shamanic practices, we assist the psychodynamic process by:

  • shedding light on our shadow with self-inquiry and shamanic journeys, Earth painting mandalas, and tracking practices
  • releasing the momentum of the past as we free ourselves from the energetic imprints that hold us to wounded patterns — including ancestral and karmic healing, death rites, and energy clearing
  • awakening our soul’s essential resources with shamanic healing, soul retrieval and destiny retrieval

Realizing Freedom  When we re-enliven our strength, clarity, persistence, and love, the passage becomes easier. We use our shamanic medicine — singing, dancing, drumming — to flow through the hardest places in our work. We understand with diamond clarity. We become free to live our lives by our own experience: to be real and realized. The combination of the psychodynamic process and shamanic practices cultivates this freedom.


Discover freedom with the blending of energy medicine and psychodynamic process in Rising Fire healing sessions!