Rising Fire Shamanism blends energy medicine with psychological process and skills training. Our unique healing methodology integrates traditional energy practices with contemporary forms of counseling, coaching and training — addressing the connections between our bodies, our minds and thoughts, our emotions, our histories, and our souls. When we heal holistically, we create the basis for lasting, vital wellness.

Do you want to THRIVE in body, mind and soul?  

Heal Persistent Illness  Ancient healing practices, such as shamanic soul retrieval and intrusive energy extractions, are remarkably applicable to the stresses and illnesses of our day. Shamanic healing is an excellent approach for persistent stress, anxiety, depression, physical illness or feeling stuck.

Stay Off the Roller Coaster  Talking and engaging in psycho-dynamic or emotional processes with our clients deepens their healing as we uncover and repair the hidden themes that unconsciously run their lives. Achieve insight and skills that show you how to stop reliving old wounds and traumas in current relationships. Together we understand, transform and release habitual thoughts, behaviors and energy patterns that make you “sick and tired.”

Support for the Soul  Our true, essential selves long to be discovered and nurtured. Rising Fire Shamanism practitioners guide clients to recognize and tend their deep, innate resources. With joy and curiosity, will and strength, stillness and kindness toward ourselves, we can flourish in the here and now. Rising Fire incorporates cultivation of the essential self into every shamanic healing, supporting our clients to become free in daily life.


Receive the care, experience and magic of Rising Fire Shamanism practitioners in a sacred, safe space.  We offer healing sessions for individuals, couples, children, families, home and office.  We provide Nutrition Counseling and Support, Transitional Support for Death and Dying, Mentoring and Coaching, as well as Ceremony and Ritual for life’s passages.