Learn to Listen to Your Body With Your Sacred HearingRising Fire Integrative Nutrition

Rising Fire recognizes and utilizes the interconnectedness of body, mind, and soul in an approach to nutrition that integrates health coaching with shamanic energy medicine. We help every Integrative Nutrition client sense what their body needs to be fully nourished.

Shift Blocks and Resistance  Our Integrative Nutrition program addresses all the facets of health: relationships, physical activity, career and spirituality, in addition to how and what you eat. Integrative nutrition provides the opportunity to discover and heal what stops you from thriving, discover your particular obstacles to vital wellness and shift the old beliefs, identities and patterns that challenge your progress. Health coaching from Rosemary, Rising Fire Nutrition Expert, combined with shamanic healing provides in-depth support to overcome undesirable, life-long food habits, impulses and cravings.

Build the Foundation  Receive expert assistance and facilitation in creating a new container for your health.

  • Learn the practical tools of kitchen organization:
    • Shopping
    • Preparation
    • Knife skills
    • Cooking
    • Eating
  • Develop what is working in your life now.
  • Be supported not only in your nutrition, but also in your ability to develop a steadfast health focus that is both genuine and sustainable

Wholeness and Healing  The potential for lasting, vital wellness is inherent in each individual. Rising Fire Integrative Nutrition guides you to discover, uncover, and weave the threads of wholeness and healing into your daily life.


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