Rising Fire’s healing methodology integrates ancient energy practices with modern forms of psychological process, coaching and training. We address the connection between our bodies, our minds and thoughts, our emotions and our soul’s journey.
We believe that every human being has his/her own internal wisdom, and that the role of the healer is to support the authenticity and deep resources of our clients. When we heal the wounding of our past, we become free. We are then inspired to reconnect with the vision and dreams we often abandoned in the course of “real” life and begin to truly realize our full, magnificent potential.

Rising Fire Work Gets to the Core!Rising Fire Healing

Clearing Dis-ease and Retrieving Vitality  All human beings sustain physical and emotional wounding. These traumas are imprinted on our Energy Body, impairing our well-being. Through rigorous training, Rising Fire practitioners are able to identify how these energetic imprints influence our client’s health, belief systems, relationships and unresourceful habits. Using shamanic energy practices, and working consciously with thoughts and belief systems, we are able to release our clients from the grasp of these traumatic imprints.

Treating Chronic Illness, Trauma and Loss  Healers clear the issues, illnesses and patterns of a lifetime. Issues are sometimes chronic, like depression, anxiety, fatigue, grief or recurring physical ailments, or they can be sudden onset illnesses and traumas. People also come for help with feelings of being lost or stuck in life, work or relationships, as well as being afraid or confused about transitions. Shamanic healing answers the soul’s longing for wholeness by recovering and supporting our deepest selves.

Mending the Soul  Healing the past restores the client’s essential vital life force at the level of the soul. When we begin to release the way the past binds us, our essential nature is no longer constrained. We recover our joy and kindness as well as the strength and steadfastness we need. In this way of working, clients are much more easily able to become free of the psychological and habitual patterns that sabotage their lives.

Living Authentically  We teach healing and nutrition clients how to listen to their inner experience and their bodies. This skill is urgently important, as today we are so driven by the “shoulds” and shame-based messages of our culture, often without even knowing it. We teach an orientation of emotional intelligence that empowers you to consciously and consistently live by your own authentic wisdom.

Nourishing the Body  With training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, we use the best of modern science to help clients heal and nourish their bodies. By determining the bio-individuality of each Nutrition Counseling client, we are able to customize a sustainable plan to meet their goals. Rising Fire’s Integrative Nutrition program offers training in shopping, organizing your kitchen and cooking for those who want to push the re-start button on their physical health.

Our shamanic healing approach releases physical and emotional patterns
that have been resistant to change with other therapies