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Rising Fire Classes & Workshops teach the shaman’s tools of accessing “non-ordinary reality”. These skills are universal and teachable, allowing you to come into direct experience of your own shadow & brilliance. We teach an orientation of emotional intelligence through depth psychology & mindfulness techniques that empower you to consciously and consistently live by your own authentic wisdom. ​​

Introductory Classes​

These classes explore all of the elements we teach at a foundational level. These offerings are an affordable way to learn new energetic & mindfulness techniques, stay consistent in your journey, and build community! ​

Tuesday Night Shamanic Practices

Tuesday Night Shamanic Practices

Tuesday Night Shamanic Practice class helps cultivate presence in your life through shamanic practices, sacred play, meditation, and centering techniques.

This class is for the curious and those who would like to refine their personal practices.

Full & Dark Moon Fire ceremonies

Fire is a great transformer, and it is needed for regeneration. This ancient tradition is a powerful way to release worry, dense energy in the body and in the luminous energy field, to call in what is needed, and express prayers and gratitude.

Introduction to Shamanism

This workshop offers students an overview of shamanism as it is practiced today for healing and spiritual
growth. We will explore the shaman’s worldview and how it is relevant to the complex lives we lead.

Explorer Classes & Workshops ​​

Explorer level classes and workshops offer a deeper dive into specific skills, tools, techniques, and topics. ​

These courses can be a single evening class, a series of classes, or full day/ weekend workshops. These classes are generally appropriate for new explorers and those with experience who want to hone their skills.  

Please check back for Fall/Winter 2021 – 2022 dates for Journeying, Working With your Mesa and Shamanic Breathwork.


Accessing Wisdom from the Three Worlds For shamans worldwide, reality is divided into three realms: the Lower, the Middle, and the Upper Worlds. These realms are outside of time and space and are easily accessed with a practice called journeying. Wisdom and guidance derived from journeys are amplified as shamans come into relationship with our power totems and the forces of Nature. We move smoothly between realms on behalf of others and for our own healing. It is how we navigate the waters of the

Working With Your Mesa

Shamans use their healing bundles, or Mesas, in many ways: they can be tools for healing, a mirror to reflect back to us an internal or unconscious state, or a surrogate with which we can shift and clear energy for situations and relationships. Rising Fire students develop their medicine bundles during the course of the Medicine Wheel process. We create bundles that are working mesas, star mesas, high mountain mesas, True Nature mesas, shadow mesas, collective mesas, and more!


Shamanic Breathwork

Ecstatic States, Healing Trauma Working in a trance state created by accelerated breathing frees us from long-held resistance to our expanded, tender selves. We are gracefully invited to explore the places we have kept locked down and hidden for so long.


Looking for truly transformative teachings? 

Join us for the Rising Fire Medicine Wheel, a two-year program comprised of six weekend intensive sessions. 

Developed over 20 years, the Medicine Wheel is an integrated body/mind/spirit journey into personal healing and empowerment. These intensive workshops push the envelope of self-transformation, taking a deep dive into our beliefs and behaviors, uncovering the uncomfortable, and shifting paradigms that no longer serve us. 

The program is an alchemical melding of ancient wisdom teachings and indigenous shamanic practices with modern depth psychology and Sufi traditions. Through both didactic transmission and direct experience practices, participants discover, develop, and learn to deliver their own personal medicine from an embodied ownership of their own healing.  

These courses are for those who are ready to dedicate themselves to creating lasting change. Most of our students who attend these courses have been frustrated with the mental health industry, superficial therapies, relapsing into old behaviors, and a general hopelessness in their ability to change. The Medicine Wheel offers a consistent cycle of discovery, acceptance, and transformation. 

Although you may choose to attend an introductory class we offer, you do not need any shamanic training to attend.

The Medicine Wheel program is a prerequisite for our Healer’s Training Program.  


 Learn to work elegantly and effectively with any client issue or disease. 

The shaman hears the soul’s longing for wholeness and is devoted to accessing this wisdom and power for the well-being of their community. The Rising Fire Shamanic Healers Training Program will teach and support you to cultivate the advanced skills you need for a successful and meaningful healing practice.  

This two-year intensive training combines weeklong intensives and single-day classes to give students both depth and consistency with course material. Students are given the opportunity to hone their teaching and practitioner skills with practice sessions and classes. This course will guide, nurture, and inspire you!

“The class was very helpful in figuring out how I’m feeling. I was able to move past all the clutter of my brain and all the media and “busyness” that’s been going on and find genuine emotions. Finding what I need to navigate this surreal world enabled me to make decisions based on my heart and soul. I’m feeling more calm and able to move with the flow of life after attending the class.”Karen M.Tuesday Night Shamanic Practice class

Medicine Wheel Session 2 was so timely. Working with Amaru for three days together settled me into an aware, centered, still place. It felt like being clicked into place. Sarah G.Sarah G.

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In response to COVID-19's continued spread and the gravity of the uptick in the Delta variant ALL our sessions, classes, and workshops will be via Zoom for the foreseeable future.