MENDING & TENDING RELATIONSHIPSCouples Relationship programs

Come learn to “dance” with your beloved in curiosity

Rising Fire healing sessions provide an elegant framework for addressing relationship dynamics. We teach a diverse tool kit of practices that you can reliably use to uncover and transform the hidden relationship patterns in your life. Sessions allow participants to gracefully explore and clear the limiting beliefs, unconscious fears and ancestral themes that create conflict for couples and families.

Intimacy and Opening the Heart  Sessions for couples offers you the opportunity to create a re-set in your partnership to your beloved. We introduce an approach to compassionate mutuality that allows couples to “break their hearts wide open” in order to more fully give and receive love. Explore shifting relationship patterns in a blame-free, open-hearted environment.  Once again, we use our great tool kit of skills and practices to train clients in seeing more clearly and in releasing habitual defenses so they can achieve the intimacy they want most.

Separating Gracefully  For couples transitioning out of their relationship, sessions provide a vessel for the emotions that arise during this potentially difficult time. Working open-heartedly together, completing a cycle in the natural course of life, provides tremendous relief and perspective for mediation, divorce and financial discussions. Participants take the opportunity to heal anger, fear and blame during this important transition so that they are able to move forward with “a strong back and a soft front!”

Shamanic practices provide an elegant framework for addressing relationship dynamics. Our unique process with couples uncovers the hidden patterns, limiting beliefs, unconscious fears and ancestral themes that create conflict and sabotage intimacy.

We may determine that partners need to work with the practitioner separately or begin together. No matter what form sessions take, you will receive expert support in developing your own ability for balance, bravery and curiosity in relationship.

Healing Couples, Healing Relationships

Healing Couples  From insight journey to sacred drama work, we use shamanic practices and psycho-dynamic process to effectively:

  • bring couples to a place where they can reconnect
  • understand where intersections of conflict arise
  • bring kindness to yourself and your beloved
  • create safety for intimacy and growth
  • build the skills you need to return to each other again and again with open hearts and minds.