What is a body cleanse?

Let us help you nourish yourself and discover what impairs your health with our new Body Cleanse Program. Learn to make choices that support a vital body, a healthy lifestyle, and an empowered mindset.

Tools for Empowerment

This class will introduce you to the components of our Integrative Nutrition programs. You will meet Rosemary Beam, and she will go over the uniqueness of the programs and how they meet your individual needs. Rosemary has years of experience cleansing to help you make a breakthrough in chronic illness and imbalance. Her goal is to help you
understand your body and give you tools and techniques to empower yourself to achieve your particular state of wellness.

This Introductory class gives an overview of the Body Cleanse, a program that offers an opportunity to heal yourself and discover what impairs you while establishing a mindset to help navigate and unblock processes that are obstacles to vital wellness. The class will also explore our Customized Nutrition Program, Cooking classes and more!