Rising Fire 10-week Cleanse IntensiveNOURISH YOUR BODY

The Nectar of Cleanse

Integrated Wellness Rising Fire offers a fully supported body cleanse intensive course that recognizes and utilizes the interconnectedness of body, mind, and soul. This intensive offers an opportunity to feel better and discover what impairs your health. You will establish a new mindset to navigate and unblock barriers that have been obstacles to your vital wellness.

This program sets itself apart with individual mentoring and group support, and it is limited to ten students per cycle.

Expert Guidance and Support  The Body Cleanse Intensive is designed and facilitated by Rosemary Beam, co-founder of Rising Fire and a Certified Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She brings her personal experience, depth of education and shamanic healing modalities together to offer a dynamic program that takes you to the core of your nutrition issues. Rosemary guides and supports your healing to wholeness. With over two decades of cleansing experience, Rosemary has healed her migraines, IBS, and inflammatory issues. She is currently working to detox from mercury, lead, and other heavy metal poisoning, as well as adrenal fatigue and other hormone and chemical imbalances.

Information and Knowledge  This program provides basic and ongoing support on a one-on-one level and within a support group.  You will be provided with specific book recommendations and suggestions regarding appropriate tools for a successful cleanse. In addition, you will learn how to move through obstacles with “tried and true” methods that will guide you to:

  • obtain the freshest vegetables
  • efficiently process fruits and vegetables
  • get your partner and children involved
  • be successful even if your family is unsupportive
  • make incremental changes to family meals to impact your family’s well-being
  • work the cleanse within your own unique schedule and routine

Through instruction, field trips, mentoring, and group support, you will learn the basics of prepping, cooking, knife skills, and shopping strategies. You will be equipped with the right tools, and you will have the knowledge of particular knacks and techniques to empower yourself to achieve your particular state of wellness. We call this Radical Aliveness!

Please note that payment plans are available. Please contact Rosemary directly to express your interest!