Inspiring Workshops Provide Framework for Change

Freedom in Daily Life

Rising Fire’s Medicine Wheel course is a framework for change. A beautiful earth-based tradition, the Wheel offers a consistent pathway to freedom in daily life. Powerful skills, practices and inspired teachings guide students to deep physical, emotional and relational healing. This is the basis for lasting, vital wellness.

Accelerate Your Personal Work

Learn to live well in the present  – in your family, work, and play – with confidence and grace.

The Wheel engages the link between our bodies, thoughts, and emotions in order to heal and recover our Essential Nature: innate joy, strength, gentleness, will and stillness. We merge ancient energy healing techniques with modern psycho-dynamic process – supported by spiritual vision. In every session, you will recognize and shift the internalized paradigms that make you “sick and tired.” In the course of the weekends as well as in interim single day sessions, we focus on primary-level healing and high-impact skill-building. The full complement of Shamanic Practices, Self-Inquiry, Breathwork, and Sacred Drama are taught during the Medicine Wheel series. 

Six Sessions of Inspired Teachings

Session One  Opening to the Wheel.  Learn the foundational practices sparked by curiosity, strength and joy.

Session One creates the foundation of skills used in all of our work.

Shamanic Energy Practices

Q’ero Cosmology & Perceptual states
Rattling & Drumming
Earth Painting
Breathwork Exercises
Fire Ceremony
Illuminations & Extractions

Psycho-Dynamic Teachings

Non Duality
Jungian Matrix(Conscious, Personal Unconscious, Collective Unconscious)
Experiencing and working with Super Ego, Identity, and Shadow
Self Awareness and Presence Exercises
Teachings and Exercises inspired by the Diamond Approach and A.H. Almaas
Teachings and Exercises inspired by Florian Schlosser
Teachings and Exercises inspired by Byron Katie

Integration Techniques

This intensive weekend of teachings, healings, and insights creates powerful change. We provide and facilitate integration practices and techniques to help you fully metabolize these changes. We also offer private sessions with our Shamans through the Medicine Wheel to help further integrate the work you during during the weekend intensives.

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Session Two  Supporting the Soul.  Serpent teaches you to shed the grip of your past. This is where the healing begins to accelerate your work, changing your life’s trajectory.

Session Three  Reviving the Courageous Heart.  Jaguar fuels the fire of your inner journey. Reclaim the sweetness of all that is true, no matter how joyful or challenging!

Session Four  Becoming Stillness.  Eagle shows you to realize who you are. Gain expansiveness as you clear habitual patterns that no longer bear fruit in your life.

Session Five  Standing in the Center.  This session creates a powerful integration of our tools, teachings, and practices. Feel your soul’s aliveness as your unique soul unfolds.

Session Six Being Real. The Mastery session will deepen and refine your own style of steadfast practice as you carry the Work into every aspect of your life.

Mind, Body and Soul    The Rising Fire Medicine Wheel offers a carefully crafted process that engages the connection between our bodies, thoughts, and emotions as well as our sacred mythic journey in order to heal and recover our great strength. Many of the energy practices we learn during the Wheel, like Soul Retrieval and Intrusive Energy Extractions, are ancient, yet they are remarkably applicable to contemporary stresses and illnesses. Wisdom teachings are enhanced by modern psycho-dynamic process to affect transformation in mind, body and soul. Supplementary readings and assignments facilitate deeper understanding and mastery of tools for radical aliveness.

Develop Your Emotional Intelligence  Through hard work, sacred play and curious exploration, the Medicine Wheel accelerates personal growth and fosters a skillful, strong, practical awareness – an emotional intelligence – for daily life.

The Flow   Participants generally join a Wheel in Session One for an introduction to the practices and principles of the Medicine Way. You can join the program up to Session Three, though you will need to make up Session One & Two at the next available date.

Each group stays together to form a tribe of students who practice and do their healing together. Sessions Two through Six systematically explore the wisdom teachings of the great Medicine People.

We “end” the Wheel training with a powerful program in Session Six, mastering and integrating all we have learned into a usable inventory of tools and practices for daily life. In each class we demo how to use these practices to help ourselves and others. Our Certification in Shamanic Healing is available for developing skills for deeper work with clients.

Beginners and experienced explorers are most welcome!

The Medicine Wheel framework and community of students and teachers support each of us as we heal the past and cultivate our aliveness. Rising Fire Medicine Wheels are taught by senior teacher Rosemary Beam, with the assistance of Healers Training Program students.

Medicine Wheel Weekend Workshops are $485. Payment plans are available by request. Some students choose to take the wheel a second time after completing the full Wheel of six sessions, and can attend at a discounted rate. There are limited scholarship opportunities available, contact us for scholarship opportunities.  Scholarships are awarded first come, first served.

“The Medicine Wheel training changed my life. I am more clear, more solid and less trapped by my past. The format was beautifully organized so that I could learn and heal at my own pace, all the while supported by Elle and Rosemary’s masterful and compassionate facilitation. I highly recommend this process to anyone who wants real, abiding change!”