Ritual – Celebration – Connection

A tradition practiced by  shamans in Peru, fire ceremonies have been used by our ancestors through the ages as ritual, celebration, or connection to Spirit. This style of fire ceremony is built to pray, give thanks, and release to the fire anything that needs to be transmuted. As fire has the power to transform the dense energy that is wood into heat and light, fire takes our dense or heavy energy and transforms it into light. This is an extremely potent form of prayer!

Open to the Sky  We begin our fire ceremonies by opening Sacred Space in a setting open to the sky, surrounded by nature, and welcoming to the elements and wildlife who choose to join us. We call to the four directions, East, West, South and North. We call to the Pachamama (Mother Earth) and to the heavens and cosmos, and, with song, drums, bells, and rattles we invite our ancestors, our lineage, our spirit animals, the elements and luminous ones to join and assist us in sending our prayers to the fire.

Going to the Fire  Each person is then invited to work with the fire individually at Rising Fire Fire Ceremonies, supported by those holding space for them within the circle. Here we are offered a powerful opportunity to offer gratitude and release the feelings, thoughts, imprints, and dense energies that no longer serve us.

Full Moon Ceremonies: These are held within three days of the Full moon.

Dark Moon Fire Ceremonies: These are held within three days from the dark moon.

This event occurs within three days of most Full and Dark Moons.  We meet at a private home in Portland, outdoors in clouds, rain and moonbeams, so be sure to bring warm clothing and rain gear. We have been fortunate enough to keep the skies parted most nights!

Entry to Rising Fire Fire Ceremonies is by donation $10. All welcome regardless of ability to pay. Advance registration is welcome.