DEMYSTIFYING DEATHAssistance with Dying

Reframing the Grim Reaper: Working with Death as an Ally

In our culture, dying is often experienced with fear. We see death only as an end – as a time of suffering and silence and complete loss. We make death invisible, hoping that if we avoid it long enough we will escape from what we mistakenly see as our grim reality.

Is it possible to hold the experience of death differently?

Could death be the great transformation of a lifetime?

Rising Fire offers weekend trainings and professional mentoring in Death as a Journey for people who are called to work with clients during this final passage. Some of our trainees have been Hospice volunteers who were hoping to work with clients in a more facilitative support role. Others are simply called to working with clients who are dying, and to develop a repertoire of skills and practices to provide meaningful support.

When we overcome our aversion to death, we can move toward the unknown as explorers and pioneers!
In our Death as a Journey workshops you will receive detailed information and resources about the dying process and have the opportunity to reframe your own conception of death.  Classes require each participant to become present to their own mortality in order to heal their relationships and make peace with the past. Only then can we offer guidance to others and hold a broader view of the great cycles. Participants gather ideas and inspiration on how to support clients and their families on this great healing journey.  Special mastery classes deepen the training for Rising Fire apprentices who are ready to assist others to work with death as an ally. Mentoring sessions and phone support assures new practitioners of a safe place to ask questions and share discoveries as they begin to work with clients.

Our two hour class provides a great overview and a beginning opportunity for exploring death. Weekend classes deepen the work. Search our Calendar for upcoming Death as a Journey classes.

Join us for the next Death as a Journey class and learn:

  • Energy Medicine clearing and releasing practices to ease the passage to spirit flight
  • Shamanic perception skills (Basic or Advanced) to assist in easing resistance and fear
  • Information to clarify the general progression of dying – the physical, emotional and spiritual processes that you could expect to address
  • Life Review.  What kinds of support do people need as they come to terms with the meaning of their life and their unfinished business?
  • Family Dynamics. What do families need as they are losing a loved one?  How does the family dynamic become magnified and how can the expression of love and forgiveness heal a lifetime?
  • Ceremony to Hold and Heal. Ceremony and ritual lay the groundwork for graceful transitions in every aspect of our lives. Great ideas for simple, heartfelt and authentic ceremonies are shared and practiced in class.
  • Receive essential materials and a great resource list

Be an unshakable source of unconditional love and support in any storm!