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Rosemary BeamRosemary Beam Shamanic HealerOwner and Co-Founder
Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher

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ElloquayShamanic Practitioner

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Rosemary Beam

Owner and Co-Founder
Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher

Having transcended the boundaries of a successful corporate career into the fertile terrain of medicine work, Rosemary is a skilled ceremonialist in profound conversation with the invisible intelligences that guide our lives. Through her own journey of healing and personal development, Rosemary has acquired the equivalent of a modern master’s degree the Old Way: by apprenticing herself to sacred practices and wisdom traditions throughout the world. An initiate of the lineage of Don Manuel Quispe, revered Altamesayok of the Q’ero, Rosemary has a deep relationship with the Andes, and Mount Ausangate is her personal mentor.

Animated, passionate, expressive, and authentic, Rosemary is a caring companion along the mysterious road of self-actualization.  An inspiring Teacher, Healer, Lecturer, and Expedition Leader, Rosemary facilitates the removal of the pebbles and boulders that stand in the way of our healing. Having done her own deep personal and spiritual work, Rosemary has the stability that allows her to fluidly respond to whatever personal or psychological obstacles her clients encounter on their journey, without judgment or shame. Rosemary’s greatest joy is to uncover her clients’ hidden gifts, and she is passionate about meeting someone where they are in order to facilitate their metamorphosis.

Honestly direct and fiercely loving, Rosemary is a She-Bear who creates a sacred container for healing by establishing appropriate boundaries within an encompassing field of love. Her solid relationship with her own center enables Rosemary to remain present and supportive of her clients’ process and walks the road to Self-actualization with them, a partner in the removal of the psychic, spiritual, and practical obstacles to one’s fullest authentic expression.

Rosemary  cultivates aliveness, helping people to blossom and thrive, and assists her clients in developing a personal took kit to sustain their path and nourish continued growth into their own true nature.



“Unwavering dedication to people’s growth – including the hardest shadow work. She is All-In.”

”Collaborative but steadfast in her true nature and authentic will to companion you along your journey.”

“At first I thought she was terrifying, but then I realized she is a Bad Ass willing to go the distance with you.”

”If you ever want someone to have your back, she’s the one.”


Contact Rosemary at Rosemary@rising-fire.com or schedule a session online!



Shamanic Practitioner

elloquay is an energy healer and teacher who brings kindness, context and light to the dark and wounded places within the human experience. She provides a structured container of healing practices & teachings, both ancient and modern, for each client’s personal healing, growth, and vitality.

elloquay’s training includes a life-long study of spiritual teachings: Christian, Buddhist, Sufi, Hindu, and years of intensive study and training in the shamanic lineage of the Q’ero people of the High Andes in Peru. Her time studying the human body as a nursing student allows her to recognize how emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic disorder presents in the physical body.

elloquay is a whole-being healer. She weaves ancient healing modalities with modern day psychological understandings, threading her knowledge of human anatomy and of the human condition into a deep container of holding, guiding her clients to heal and experience their own inner capacity and knowing.

elloquay’s healing modalities include traditional earth based healing methods such as soul retrievals, dense energy extractions, and past life healings. She also incorporates meditation, energy and breath practices from various traditions, and is a vibrational medicine practitioner and light language worker. Vibrational medicine is sound medicine … drums, bells, feather and voice are a few of the ways elloquay works with sound in a session. As a light language worker, elloquay speaks, sings, writes and dances light language. Light language is just that, it is the language of light. Human beings are light, we are light in expression. Aren’t we amazing!?! Light language is specific vibrational medicine that works at the level of essence, at the level of you as light. Light language re-codes DNA, clarifies cellular function, re-enlivens dormant wisdom and sparks innate potentials. elloquay works at this level of knowledge and access with each of her clients and students.

elloquay works with clients and students sparking their innate wisdom and facilitating the healing of wounds that cause disease, disorder and disconnection. Her expertise is in helping people who feel lost, alone or afraid to find their home, their connection and their love of Self.

Contact elloquay by email at elloquay@rising-fire.com or by phone at (503)396-8311.
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