About Rising Fire

Each of us comes into this life carrying a sacred flame at our very core. But as we navigate our lives, our flames can diminish. Hurts, disappointments, and traumas rob our fire of its brilliance. Sometimes our fire can be snuffed out completely.

Rising Fire provides personal shamanic healing sessions, group classes, and practitioner trainings that re-ignite your fire, feed your inner brilliance and provide you with a toolkit of healing practices with which to tend your fire.

Our offerings are an alchemical melding of ancient wisdom teachings, modern depth psychology, and earth-based shamanic practices which promote energy movement, support healing, and assist in removing obstacles to personal growth.

At Rising Fire we cultivate Radical Aliveness – the ability to return to center after any storm. Our practices and trainings build your capacity to remain deep-rooted and centered in calm stillness, no matter what the circumstance.

Rising Fire provides the safe and sacred container necessary to do the courageous work of facing yourself with a compassionate heart and take ownership of your own brilliant light. It can be uncomfortable work, and we are steadfast in our commitment to support you through challenges, mis-steps and breakthroughs on your journey of growing self-awareness. The healers at Rising Fire guide you as you learn to illuminate areas of your shadow and shift your relationship with the obstacles that stand in the way of your fullest expression.

We are here for those who are ready to ask the questions at the heart of life: “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “Why does this keep happening to me?” Those who are willing to look within themselves for the answers. This is the work of stepping into Radical Aliveness, and we assist you in cultivating your sacred flame into its most vibrant expression of your inner brilliance.

Our staff has been offering high-quality programs in the US and internationally since 1986 and opened the Rising Fire healing center & school in Portland, Oregon in 2013. Though physically based in Portland, Oregon, Rising Fire offers our services worldwide via online learning platforms and private Zoom sessions. We lead travel overseas for retreats, journeys, and expeditions when conditions allow.

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In response to COVID-19's continued spread and the gravity of the uptick in the Delta variant ALL our sessions, classes, and workshops will be via Zoom for the foreseeable future.