Rising Fire provides the tools, teachings and support that lead our students and healing clients to Radical Aliveness. This is the ability to return to balance after any storm … and to have the experience to “do it scared” when necessary. This approach heightens personal work with a skillful, strong, practical awareness – an emotional intelligence – for daily life.


Our staff has been offering high-quality programs in the US and internationally since 1986 and opened the healing center in Portland, Oregon in 2013.

Our Purpose

Rising Fire was created to awaken the brilliance of Radical Aliveness in ourselves and others by:

  • creating safe, sacred space
  • providing transformational teachings, tools and practices
  • guiding the work with our passion and full presence
  • sparking earth-consciousness in our work and community

Join us to experience physical, emotional and relational healing … the basis for lasting, vital wellness.


Who We Are

Rising Fire is the dream child of Ellyn Rosenthal, MA and Rosemary Beam.

Rosemary purchased Rising Fire from Elle and continues to work at her calling. Elle currently lives off the grid in remote British Columbia, Canada with her husband.

Beam is a powerful healer, teacher and workshop facilitator working in the Peruvian tradition. An experienced leader, she integrates shamanic work with Mystery Teachings from many traditions, including Buddhist dharma, Native North American influences, European shamanism and the current understandings of non-duality. She currently studies with A.H. Almaas, the pen name of A. Hameed Ali, and his senior teachers. Rosemary is known for her compassionate and honest approach that facilitates deep personal transformation and expanded awareness. Rosemary has developed and run dynamic small businesses and has worked in management for international corporations. She is now blessed to grow Rising Fire!

It is Rosemary’s pleasure to introduce to you two graduates of Rising Fire’s Healers Training Program — along with Rosemary they bring their love of the wild, their love of the human condition, and their many talents, to cultivate a joint vision of wholeness for our entire local and global community!

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Where We Are

Our healing center is located in northeast Portland, Oregon. We are on the corner of 19th and NE Alberta Street, placing us in the hub of the Alberta Arts District. Alberta Street is a vibrant neighborhood business district known for its individuality and quirky Portland style. Full of independently owned stores, art galleries, restaurants, and coffee shops, Alberta Street is bursting with life and energy.

In a spacious office building, our healing rooms accommodate small groups for sessions and classes. We have a reception area, small classroom, and three treatment rooms. Events and classes that require more space are held at off-site locations. If the event is held at a different venue it will be clearly marked in the class description.  We periodically travel overseas for retreats, journeys, and expeditions.

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