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Pachamama represents the unconditional love that the Earth has for all of her children, including the stones, the plants, the animals, and humans. She is the Goddess of the Earth, also known as Gaia, who pervades all creation on our planet. Thanks to Pachamama, our timeless soul can experience life in a biological body. The joy and pain we taste during our brief time on Earth are invitations to discover the boundless love of Pachamama. 

You are a child of the Earth. Now is the time to eat right, love right, and be joyous, regardless of the circumstances you may find yourself in. Be grateful for your life, your body, and all that nourishes you. Pachamama invites you to relish each breath, embrace your joy and your pain equally, and discover love through both. Let Pachamama know how much you appreciate all her blessings with an act of service such as planting a tree, helping save and endangered species, or protecting the ocean

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Authors: Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid & Marcela Lobos

Creating Ceremony

Earth Day is the global celebration of Pachamama. Pachamama’s benevolence is timeless and boundless, holding All of LIFE in her embrace. Find ways to honor her each day of the calendar year in ritual and ceremony. As you do unto her you do unto yourself. Self-love is activism at its purest and from there EVERYTHING is possible. Doing this type of ceremony daily is called “Chianga” in the Quechua language. 

Below are some inspirations for ceremonies you can create to connect and commune with Pachamama and all her creation and relations. 

Make a mandala- 

Gather organic offerings to create a mandala as a gift to the spirit of the Earth, Pachamama. Prayer, song and even dance at the site, holding in your heart gratitude for all of her gifts.

Seed and nectar blessing- 

Pray over the seed you feed wild birds, infusing prayers into the food. Feed the hummingbirds year-round, placing prayer into the nectar, giving thanks for the medicine of Hummingbird as the symbol of the Epic Journey. 

Forest Bathing –

Remove your shoes, bare your feet and stand upon the dirt to draw in the thrum and life force of Pachamama. Take a walk in the forest or place your feet in the dewy grass upon rising. This is what the Japanese call Forest Bathing. 

Pull Weeds- 

This simple act of removing what doesn’t serve you, making way for what does. Taking time to pray over the dirt and with each unearthed root, gratitude paired with intention to “grow” what you want in your life. Plant flower or vegetable seeds and starts. Amending the soil to fortify and nourish what you plant. The metaphor is endless and a profoundly grounding and healing ritual. 

Water blessing –

From the shore of a waterway or body of water, collect some water in a bowl or cupped in your hands. Blow into it prayers of gratitude for all that sustains us. Return the water with intention from where you collected.

In service to others –

– Offer your help in a community garden 

– Volunteer to plant trees or native plants 

– Volunteer in your community for people in need.

Feeling limited or confined?  

For those of you that have limited access to the natural world; waterways, ground/earth, organic collectables and flower/garden beds, get creative and use your “Unlimited Imagination”. 

–  Purchase organic soil and make an indoor or balcony/patio earth container that you can put your hands and/or feet in as well as mandala and offerings. 

 – Make an indoor mandala on a tabletop or tap into your creativity to draw or paint a colorful mandala.

– Bless the water that comes from your tap as well as down your drain.

-Take a cleansing shower and give thanks for water, remembering to express gratitude for all the ways the water makes its way to your shower, include the hot water too. 

         – Take an offering of blessed native bird seed to a park or wild habitat.      (avoid blends and ensure seed is formulated to your area) 

  – Plant a windowsill herb garden 

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