Spring Equinox

Today is the first day of spring, also known as equinox. The word comes from the Latin term aequinoctium meaning equality between day and night (aequi = equal and noct = night). The spring equinox is one of the two periods of the year when the sun crosses the equator and the days and nights are in equal length.

Spring signifies the ushering in of growth, renewal and rebirth. The season of inspiration, rejuvenation and momentum has arrived and with it; a bounty of energy and motivation.

Sing out round the fire. Dance, feet bare, under the waxing sun and the rising moon. Make wishes on stars that have yet to fall. Water the seeds you have sown and go boldly into your bloom!

snowing cherry blossoms

a bee buzzing also

birds chirping in the wind now

snowing cherry blossoms

by Tadimdia Bridges

Rising Fire’s Resident Writer

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