Welcoming summer through Fire Ceremony!

Hopi Sun Prayer

Welcome to the summer months and the excitement of the summer solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere, we experience sharper rays of sunlight from June through August, providing for warmer and longer days.  

Inspired by the fire of the sun, Rising Fire honors how fire ceremonies are practiced and celebrated in many cultures.

The Q’ero of Peru have fire ceremonies for several occasions. Fire is used as a tool to invite hope, dreams, and prayers, and bring a close to old jobs, relationships, operating patterns, and limiting beliefs. They also use fire to feed their archetypes or sacred allies, (eagle/condor, jaguar, and serpent).  Fire burns hucha [WHO-cha], the Quechan word for dense energies or that which no longer serves us and it replenishes sami, [SAHM-ee], the energy that helps us achieve harmony and be in effortless interchange with the cosmos, or light, refined life force energy.

Indigenous Woman sitting next to fire.

 In the Aztec solar calendar, the New Fire Ceremony began at the Sun Pyramid, where a runner would extinguish all other fires throughout Teotihuacan. The new fire born of the sun’s light welcomed new cycles and was distributed to all homes, relighting the fire to ensure that all fires that would keep burning until the next fire ceremony.

The Hindus offer Agnihotra, a fire ceremony and meditation dating back thousands of years. This practice includes ghee and heated milk offerings, fire worship twice daily, and chanting verses around an eastern/ square fire pit, a western/ circular fire pit, or a southern fire pit. This ancient Hindu practice is said to clear out old stale energy, preserve the sun as it sets and rises, and keep us in a relationship with nature.

Japanese Buddhists of the Shingon sect offer Goma Taki, a ritual that occurs each morning and afternoon. The wood burned in these fires has been covered in handwritten prayers while monks chant and pray. These daily fire ceremonies destroy negative energy that convolutes the body, mind, and spirit. The goal of this Shingon practice is to purify.

Fire ceremony has been used throughout ancient cultures worldwide and has withstood the test of time. While the ceremonial details differ, all fire ceremonies restore vitality and spirit.

We at Rising Fire invite you to partake in the fire ceremony safely, especially during these summer months. At home, this may look like lighting an incense, candle, or fire pit in the backyard. You may want to travel to a beach or campground that allows for the use of firepits. Energetically burn your hucha, the dense energy, and what no longer serves you. Use the spirit of the fire to replenish your luminous energy field, your archetypes, (we receive these as a gift and initiation during our training and when we are with the elders in Peru.) , and your spirit.  Remember the glorious sun, which we can always source from.

Classes & Events

Tuesday Night Shamanic Practice facilitator, Rebecca Sherrick, will have some fascinating guest hosts this summer. Showing up for practice is a great way to get to know us, hone your skills, and learn new ones! Join us every other Tuesday at 6 pm pacific time. All curious and open-hearted beings are welcome!

Healers Training 2021-2023 Graduation is August 19th!  This is the culmination of years of dedication to personal healing, growth and training in the Q’ero wisdom teachings and practices, modern depth psychology and other ancient mystical teachings.   Congratulations graduates! 

Private Sessions

Rising Fire private sessions will help you identify and remove unhealthy dynamics, ancestral themes and limiting patterns. By healing the imprint of the original wounding, practitioners empower clients to clear the fear, blocks, trauma, and pain of the past. We facilitate and support your healing journey with a toolkit of effective, non-dual approaches, that allow you to step out of old habitual patterns and into a new framework for life.   Click here to schedule your private healing session with one of our practitioners today!

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In response to COVID-19's continued spread and the gravity of the uptick in the Delta variant ALL our sessions, classes, and workshops will be via Zoom for the foreseeable future.