Welcome Spring! Welcome Spring Equinox! Welcome awakening from winter slumber!

Rising Fire is delighted to announce that our tenth anniversary is March 27th!

Rising Fire is the culmination of decades of training, dedication, and deep listening to what wanted to be birthed. This company and its stakeholders have grown through shifting environmental, political, social justice, and spiritual climates. We are proud to continue to thrive in this changing world we all belong to. As we step into our next decade, we do it with a sense of Spring in our hearts. Remembering how the cold and frozen ground of winter melts as the lengthening days of Spring warm the ground, and that warmth provokes blossoming. This is a reminder that cycles continue no matter the challenges and that we live in a world of beauty, we can perceive it if we take the time to slow down and be present. Listen to that still, small voice of wisdom inside of our being.

Spring Cleansing

As we shift from freezing rain, snowfall, and winter’s atmospheric rivers, aka truckloads of rainfall, to the emergence of sprouting flower buds, it is a great time to remember the tradition of spring cleansing. This is a perfect time to clean out the dense energies collected over the past year. Physical cleaning and clearing are equally as crucial as energetic cleaning and clearing.

Now is a great time to let go of hucha, [WHO-cha], the Quechan word for dense energies or that which no longer serves us. Take some time to de-clutter and clear out what no longer supports you, brings you joy, or stifles you; include things you find around your home and office and limiting beliefs, patterns, and self-talk. Allow for moments of gratitude. Celebrate achievements big and small. Say prayers and make offerings for those beings and guides who have helped us. Notice how nature cleanses and mulches what is no longer needed for new life to begin. Honor the budding of flora and fauna. Allow for grateful reflection during this transition from winter slumber to spring awakening.

We are grateful to all our clients, friends, colleagues, students, guides, and supporters who have made this possible. Thank you! Hiyaya, [high-yay-ya] which means “Glory to the heart”!

Classes & Events

Spring is the perfect time to schedule an energetic home, land, or business cleansing! Please complete the “Cleansing Request Form,” and we will reach out to you to schedule a time for one of our skilled practitioners to cleanse your space. 

Our Community Healing Day event is just around the corner on Saturday April 15th, 2023!  There are limited spots available so be sure to reserve a mini-healing session with one of our talented Healers Training Students.  Click Community Healing Day to register now!

Tuesday Night Shamanic Practice facilitator, Rebecca Sherrick, will have some fascinating guest hosts this Spring and summer. Showing up for the practice is a great way to get to know us, hone your skills, and learn new ones! Join us every other Tuesday at 6 pm pacific time. All curious and openhearted beings are welcome!

Are you interested in developing a deeper understanding and relationship with Tarot? Please message the office to get on the waiting list for Rebecca Aumans’s upcoming Tarot Mentorship Program!

We had an excellent turnout for Rebecca’s “A Year Ahead Spread” personalized Tarot reading. Check back next winter to secure your January 2024 spot. There will be a limited number of sessions again!

For your continued dedication to your healing work and support of Rising Fire these last ten years, thank you! 

Team Rising Fire

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In response to COVID-19's continued spread and the gravity of the uptick in the Delta variant ALL our sessions, classes, and workshops will be via Zoom for the foreseeable future.