Growing Corn

gem corn in a circle
Corn has many symbols in many different cultures, and in the Americas, it was and is a symbol of thriving.
We often ask ourselves at Rising Fire, “Does what I am doing or thinking grow corn?” This question is rooted deeply in the Quechan healing medicine tradition. The Q’ero say “Okis… Sara Chakra ruway? The question is to prompt you to look at what you are doing or thinking and ask yourself; is this supportive or beneficial for you, your life and/or the well-being of the community? If not, then why do it? In other words, weed it out, set it aside for a time.
How are the medicine teachings and practices impacting you and those who you know & love? What are you doing to nurture your soil, plant the seeds and tend your own corn?    What limiting beliefs, patterns or behaviors are no longer “growing you corn”?   As we through Autumn, is now the time to let those beliefs and behaviors fall away? 
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