Start off 2022 With Supporting Your Brain Health

As a special for Tribe Rising Fire, Dr. Kirstin Wilson with Tree Root Wellness is offering $50 dollars off the new patient intake fee for Naturopathic Services when scheduled IN January 2022.  (You must be seen BEFORE April 1st, 2022!)  This discount is only valid during the month of January, 2022.  Call now or visit Tree Root Wellness Scheduling to schedule your intake appointment!  *The discount does NOT apply to services provided through Medipro Holistic Health.*

**Use the code TRW2022 in January 2022 to receive the special discount.**

Dr. Wilson has been part of the Rising Fire community since 2015 and is passionate about helping our tribe. She specializes in getting your brain back online. Whether you have brain fog, headaches, gut issues, anxiety, depression, or just need recalibration, addressing our brain health is crucial. Our brains are the central computer to our physical body that houses our soul. There are many reasons that our brain may be impacting our health. Dr. Wilson loves to figure out the cause or help people talk about wellness tips regarding supporting your nervous system. Shamanic work and nervous system health go hand in hand. Don’t wait to address your nervous system. 

Follow Dr. Wilson on social media, and/or for more information about her new location and new visit packages coming in early 2022. At this new location Dr. Wilson will be taking insurance and cash based payments. Reach out to her for more information: or 971-220-8627.

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In response to COVID-19's continued spread and the gravity of the uptick in the Delta variant ALL our sessions, classes, and workshops will be via Zoom for the foreseeable future.