Winter Solstice 2021-A Time of Ritual and Renewal

In this darkness of the cycle, as the earth tilts away from and moves around the sun, the plants teach us to be deeply rooted in the frozen ground, slowly gathering energy. As we wait in the discomfort and calm delight for the returning of the light and burgeoning energy of winter’s transitioning in to spring, we have an opportunity to deepen our entire being into this cycle and lean into rest, restoration, rejuvenation and begin dreaming anew.

The Winter Solstice marks a time of shadow, deep rest, and silent contemplation, providing ourselves with the medicine that only the stillness of body, heart, mind, and soul can provide us. Nature’s renewal is slowly building deep at the roots. Waiting for the awakening.

This day, December 21st, 2021, welcomes us with the longest night of the year and the shortest day. We honor it’s passing by holding vigil through the night, stamping out the hearth fires and in deep rooted ritual re-lighting them! Giving thanks for all that is here in the deep place of darkness and the return of the warmth of the hearth fire and the sun. Taking this opportunity to release the past years Hucha [WHO-cha], (Quechuan for dense energy), and greeting the Sami [SAHM-ee], (Quechuan for refined energy), of dawns light, with renewed Strength and Joy.

At This Time

At this time we stand upon the earth as winter trees. We are called on to release. To strip our branches and to shed our leaves. Till we are naked bare unto the bone Naked yet rooted in the soil of the soul So we know We do not stand alone Seeing our leaves suffused with light Their form can no longer hold. See them turning red, umber, ochre, copper, gold Till we are left reaching Our bare branches to the sky surrendering, Only then can the emerging buds be seen Only then can we bring light To our unfolding dream.

-Margot Henderson-
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