Change is Happening…Fall 2021

Fall Equinox - "Change is Happening"

”Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself. Who you were ten years ago and who you are now are two different people”


Rosemary had knee surgery on  September 29th, 2021. She lives what she teaches and has given herself time and care following the procedure.  We wish her good health as she continues her recovery and rehabilitation with a properly functioning knee.

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Rosemary & Team Rising Fire’s lifelong dream of offering a school that teaches and mentors generations of healers and provides a sanctuary for deep personal healing is happening.

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Changes to team rising fire

With the 2021 Fall Equinox upon us, the colors slowly shifting to jewel tones, and a cycle of renewing oneself and the earth once again at our doorstep, we here at Rising Fire are also experiencing cycles of change within our Team and our company’s trajectory. We are thrilled to warmly introduce our enriched team of practitioners, teachers, and executives.


Rebecca Sherrick, through dedication, tenacious hard work, and after having supported us as the Director of Office Magic since 2019, Rebecca has earned her promotion to Creatrix of Magic and Innovation, (Executive Director), at Rising Fire!

A graduate of our Healers Training Program, she has been teaching and working privately with clients for years.  Rebecca’s own journey taught her that healing our original wounds and unwinding the ties that bind us gives us the freedom to live authentically and shine the way we were meant to.  Her greatest joy comes from empowering people to separate their self-worth from their life circumstances so that they can fully live in each moment.

Rebecca supports clients to learn to be able to be with what rises in any given moment and then allow it to fall and fade away naturally, without getting caught in old patterns and traumas.  She is a skilled practitioner who creates a field in which clients feel that they are safe and worthy, that they are loved and are love without conditions, (In Quechua this is called “Munay”).  Read more about Rebecca by clicking here!

Theresa Polanco is the new Design Creatrix, (Creative Director), for Team Rising Fire. She brings her creative knowledge and organizational fervor to lift Rising Fire to even greater heights! She loves all cultures, has traveled to Africa as well as Mexico where she went on to live for 2 years providing creative and photographic services to the department of culture. Her most cherished experience was taking photos of a newly discovered Mayan pyramid under excavation in Chiapas, Mexico and having a picnic with a Bohemia beer on top of it in sheer bliss.  Watch out for her artistic stylings and witty musings coming to your inbox soon! Read more about Theresa by clicking here!

Meet Elloquay E. Kyni. She has been working and mentoring with Rising Fire for almost a decade and is founder of Elloquay, a shamanic and sound healing practice that has been serving clients around the globe for over 5 years. 

Elloquay has a deep, life-long relationship with the Mystery Teachings and holds a compassionate container of clarity and healing for her clients and students. She is a powerhouse of teaching and support for our ongoing Medicine Wheel students and is a mentor for the Rising Fire Healers Training program.

She works with clients and students sparking their innate wisdom and facilitating the healing of wounds that cause disease, disorder, and disconnect. Her expertise is in helping those who feel lost, alone, or afraid to find their home, their connection, and their love of Self. Read more about Elloquay by clicking here!

Introducing Patricia Vedomske, Sound Empowerment Faciliator. Patricia’s passion is helping others explore and express their personal healing power through vibration, rhythm, and sound. She intuitively weaves shamanic healing practices with sound, using a combination of Tibetan singing bowls, drums, percussion, singing, and a quirky sense of humor to help clients connect to their bellies, bums, feet, and the Pachamama.   You don’t want to miss one of her frequency changing sound healings!  Read more about Patricia by clicking here!

Meet Janel Ludenia.  She is a naturopathic physician, occupational therapist, and shamanic practitioner trained in many forms of bodywork and healing practices. A graduate of Rising Fire Healer’s Training program, she is initiated in the lineage of Q’ero medicine men and women, and is a full mesa carrier. Her extensive medical experience combined with her lifetime of spiritual study allows her to weave an integrated web of support for clients through their life journey.

She specializes in helping clients through major and minor life transitions. These transitions can range from physical changes due to sudden, chronic, or slowly progressing bodily changes; emotional changes of grief, anxiety, and loss; pertinent life events starting/ending career, relationships, and transition through the death and dying process. Read more about Janel by clicking here! 

Meet Rachel Michelson. A shamanic healer based in Southern California, Rachel helps those seeking a more profound understanding to live a healthier and more genuine lifestyle. She is a gifted healer who combines her grasp of the mind with her ability to perceive and work with energy to help people feel more at ease and be their authentic selves. Read more about Rachel by clicking here!


Janice Lee is a Korean-American writer, editor, publisher, scholar, assistant professor, shamanic healer, and graduate of Rising Fire’s Healers Training Program.  We look forward to her inspired teachings in 2022.  Learn more about Janice by visiting  

You can check out her latest novel by clicking the link for Imagine A Death.


Join us for Medicine Wheel

Heal body, mind, and soul with shamanic practices, self-inquiry, meditation, breathwork, journeying, sacred drama, and ceremony.  The work is a dedication to yourself, and honoring of your journey.  It is an exploration of how wounding and limiting beliefs dictated the path you were allowed to take.  By healing your wounds and dismantling your limiting beliefs, you can shift your life’s trajectory.

Returning students may enjoy 50% off tuition with is coupon code, 0UQ7M8QPE1.  Valid until Dec 31, 2021

Upcoming Sessions

A New Cycle is starting — Sun Tribe Learn the foundation skills, culture, and practices to support connection between our bodies, thoughts, and emotions as well as stepping on to your sacred mythic journey to heal and recover your great strength. Session One, January 28th-30th, 2022,  is an intensive weekend of teachings & personal healing that will initiate you into the lineage of luminous healers of the high Andes.

Do you hear the Great Mystery calling for you to unfold to the possibility of powerful change in your life? 

Team Rising Fire invites all tribe members who have previously taken Session One to join us again at a discount using the code above.

In Session Six October 22th-24th, 2021, the teachings will deepen and refine your own style of steadfast practice. You will deepen your ability to carry the Work into every aspect of your life.  This session brings the Cobalt Tribe’s wheel to a sacred close.

Team Rising Fire invites all who have joined us in this sacred turning to join us again at a discount. See the Promotion code above.


In Session Three of Black Pearl Tribe, December 3rd-5th, 2021, we work with Mother-Sister Jaguar. She fuels the fire of your inner journey by teaching curiosity and strength. Reclaim courage as you step out of dis-empowerment, familial dynamics and limiting beliefs.  

Originally scheduled for September 24th-26th, you have an additional opportunity to support your heart and heal old wounds!


Tentative Peru Expedition

Date Oct 2022- Final date is dependent on what happens with Covid+ variant.  Please wear your mask in public! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get updates on our upcoming trips! 

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In response to COVID-19's continued spread and the gravity of the uptick in the Delta variant ALL our sessions, classes, and workshops will be via Zoom for the foreseeable future.