Cultivating Radical Aliveness

shaman praying

A note from Rosemary:

As I reflect on the past 6 months, inside the last 18 months, I realized that I have leveraged all my medicine tools that I have amassed over the past 20+ years.  This has helped me stay grounded in all the storms that have come ashore.  Record breaking heatwave in the Pacific Northwest being the most recent.

Part of Rising Fire’s Mission is to cultivate Radical Aliveness – which is the ability to return to center after any storm. These practices and trainings build our capacity to remain deep-rooted and centered in calm stillness, no matter what the circumstance.

In sitting with all that has happened, three Quechua words keep surfacing in my mind’s eye.

Llankay  [YAHN-keye]

Munay    [MOON-eye]

Yachay    [YAH-cheye]

As people of power in the Medicine Teachings of the High Andes, it is our calling to integrate these three aspects of Be-ing.

Llankay is right Action. As in doing no harm, speaking impeccably, working in harmony with Pachamama  [Pacha-mama] (spirit of the earth), and all her relations.

The corresponding energy center is Belly. Another way of knowing this center is by feeling in to authentic Will. Not white knuckling but true ease in doing with consciousness. Being in Ayni (reciprocity) while in motion or action.

Munay is right Love. Unconditioned Love. With no need or outcome in mind.

I think of Ram Dass and what his teacher taught him about this type of love. It is to love everyone without exception, and yet this does not mean you have to like them or agree with them. It also means to love yourself as a be-ing,

It is not an intellectual exercise, it is an experience. I think of this as how I feel when in nature, in awe of it and the direct experience of being nature.

You cannot explain it or describe it. That is like looking at a picture on a menu. You cannot taste it from looking at the picture.

This energy emanates from the heart center. It is a combination of Strength, Compassion, with a sprinkling of Joy.

Yachay is right Mind, Sight, Vision, & Dreaming.

I especially like this one and how Andean Paqo’s [Pack-o] (Medicine person – mystic) talk about this.” Power of the intellect grounded in direct experience. A Paqo or mystic relies on personal experience, not book-learning or secondhand teachings, to acquire wisdom.” Joan Parisi Wilcox, Masters of Living Energy pg 325

The energy center relating to this wisdom is the head center or third eye. The energy that emanates from this center is deep clear seeing in stillness, peace and power. It is a directness, a clarity. It helps us trust our instincts and aligns us with the universe so that we can work in collaboration with it.

The invitation is to meditate, journey and have a direct experience of these energies that emanate from these three energy centers and align yourself with right action, right hardheartedness, right vision and dreaming.

Especially now, now more than ever we need this cleansing and clarity to guides us in to transformation.



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