Reflecting on 2020: A personal note from Rosemary

2020 Reflections by Rosemary

What an insane year 2020 has been!  It is with tears and laughter that I reflect and write this note to you, Rising Fire friends and community…  

As we kicked off 2020 with ceremony and friends we felt the joy of our community coming together.  

Then Covid-19 came to the world at large and we pivoted to shelter in place, which prompted the move to a completely online business model.  It has been successful so far and we all have learned so much. I am grateful in many ways for the wild technologies we have within our reach.  

As we moved through the spring, protests erupted once again to call out the injustice of how black people and people of color continue to be murdered by police.  This has afforded many of us an opportunity to explore our own inherent bias and white privilege. Movements such as Black Lives Matter, The Wall of Moms and many others are coming together to shine a light on the shadow of our communities, police, policies and governments and demand change.   Knowing our own darkness is the best method for healing. 

In July we closed our beautiful office on NE Alberta St in Portland. This was a day of sadness and celebration, as much of 2020 has been.  

August marked the first full year of Rising Fire’s new Healers Training Program.  We have 9 students graduating this year and a new class beginning August 16th! 

As Firestorm 2020 burned the Western States, we evacuated to Olympia Washington with some friends.  We had to escape the record breaking toxic air pollution that usurped our fresh Oregon air. 

In October we took our new to us, COOL BLUE bus out to Eli’s land in Western Washington for a much needed break.  

Then the election… What a wild ride.  I am so thankful our legal system is working. 

Over the summer, my beloved Soul Mom got sick and went in to the hospital. She came out unscathed, no Covid-19. However a little weary. Eli and I were able to go to see her in August. 

Last week things took a turn for her so we headed to Southern California. Eli & I had the honor of guiding my Soul Mom, Kitty Nolan, through her death process. It was a beautiful and powerful process. She was amazingly present, surrounded by people who loved her deeply as she left her body. The Death Rites Ceremony for Kitty was healing for everyone present including me.  Zoom triumphed yet again!  

Now as we are standing on the precipice of the dawning of the light at Winter Solstice and the Grand Conjunction, I sit here in Berkeley California writing this note to you.  I am taking a break as our Suburban’s brakes are being replaced. LOL (Can’t make this shit up if you tried!) 

The invitation for everyone is to take a moment today and the days to come to align with the energies that are being birthed at this very moment in time. Allow for light to penetrate your being and give way to “Munay”, the Quechua word for unconditioned Love. May you see all things, situations, & people with eyes of Love! 

In closing I thank Team Rising Fire for all that you bring to me and to this work. I could not do what we do without your steadfast support. 


Rosemary ~ Chaska Mayu  

May the Mountains have your back and Wind clear your way. 

2021 here we come, It’s gonna be a big one! 

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In response to COVID-19's continued spread and the gravity of the uptick in the Delta variant ALL our sessions, classes, and workshops will be via Zoom for the foreseeable future.