We’ve Moved Locations!

Dear Tribe,

As many of you know when Covid-19 took over the news and headlines, we made a decision to pivot Rising Fire to Zoom and other online platforms until further notice.

During this remarkable transition we also started a collaboration with Reviveolution and Caroline Putnam from Peru’s Sacred Valley. Reviveolution & Rising Fire co-hosted the first ever Global Despacho Ceremony online with Maestro Luis. 80+ people were able to attend from all over the world!

Since then Rising Fire has hosted an assortment of classes led by Rosemary, Reviveolution, & Elloquay to support our global community.

Very recently another MAJOR change has taken place!

Rising Fire has closed its physical office located at Alberta Station in Portland Oregon. This was not an easy decision to make and it took a couple of months to process and come to terms with what is needed for Rising Fire’s future. We have had to take into consideration everything that is happening in our local community, global challenges, the health and safety of Team Rising Fire and clients, along with Rosemary’s personal health issues which, among other things, involve being immunocompromised.

Rising Fire IS still open for business, here to assist our clients, tribe members, and the greater community in Oregon and throughout the world. We will continue to provide Healing Sessions, Mentoring Sessions, Ceremonies, Classes, Weekend Retreats, and much more online via Zoom conferencing and other platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. We will keep you all informed when we return to having a physical office space, and at what point we will see clients and students in person.

We are so grateful to you, Rising Fire clients, students, and friends. You have brought courage, vulnerability, and your individual brilliance into this space. This has been Rising Fire’s home for quite some time, and many of you have seen it transform, as Rising Fire has over the years.

Most of us have had powerful experiences in the offices at Alberta Station. Throughout this process, we have been sensitive to how this space has held the container for incredible healing and transformation.

We would like to invite you to take some time in contemplation of what this space has meant to you in your journey, and email us at info@rising-fire.com with your memories!

In Munay,

Rosemary & Team Rising Fire

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In response to COVID-19's continued spread and the gravity of the uptick in the Delta variant ALL our sessions, classes, and workshops will be via Zoom for the foreseeable future.