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Breathwork DandelionBreathwork is a profoundly simple and effective tool for self-regulation, healing, and transformation. Breathwork techniques have been used for centuries by many cultures to induce altered states of consciousness that allow spiritual journeys for healing. Not only is breathwork a spiritual tool, but from the perspectives of both science and direct experience, breathing techniques are shown to increase physical and emotional health.  Rising Fire teaches varying breathwork techniques in classes and workshops, some as simple as counting inhale and exhale duration, some a little more complex- like fire breathing.

Many of our students and clients have asked for further reading and resources. Below are two books by the authors on breathwork that have influenced us the most.


breathe deep laugh loudlyWritten by Judith Kravitz, co-founder of Transformational BreathingTM, this book narrates the history and an understanding of the impact of breathwork as a healing process. She uses examples of her own healing journey and those of hundreds of her clients to share the variety of ways this breathing system has changed lives.
Transformational BreathingTM is a complete self-healing system using conscious breathing to facilitate improved well-being, inner peace and greater joy in life. It works by facilitating the natural healing process for all types of trauma, and is beneficial in gaining greater physical, mental and spiritual health, and in the maintenance of optimal health.

This is NOT a ‘how to’ breathwork book, rather  it is an in depth personal exploration and narrative of the transformative effect of having a breathwork practice.

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holotropic breathwork grofWritten by Stanislav Grof and Christina Grof, innovators of a new form of self-exploration and psychotherapy: Holotropic Breathwork. This breathing technique was created to utilize the remarkable healing and transformative potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness. (Fun fact: Originally psychotherapists used LSD to create similar states of non-ordinary consciousness. Their research would be cut short when LSD was made illegal.) These non-ordinary states allow the subconscious to reveal a experiences with unique healing potential― including reliving childhood memories, infancy, birth and prenatal life, and elements from the historical and archetypal realms of the collective unconscious.

Created by very simple means―a combination of accelerated breathing, evocative music, and bodywork in a safe and supportive setting, Holotropic Breathwork integrates the insights from modern consciousness research, depth psychology, transpersonal psychology, anthropology, Eastern spiritual practices, and mystical traditions.

The Grofs’ work with holotropic states of consciousness has introduced revolutionary changes to psychiatry, psychology, and psychotherapy. Written in a clear, easily understandable style, this book summarizes their remarkable research and insights.

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